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Funeral Celebrant in Sydney

Celebrants are often called on to conduct civil, non religious Funeral Services in Crematoriums, Funeral Parlours or Open Air Memorial Services and Scattering of Ashes.

Funerals have a powerful and significant place in our lives. They help us come to terms with the end of a loved ones life and are part of the transition in our relationship with that person. Sharing our grief and recounting memories and stories is all part of the process that helps come to terms with loss and helps us move on.

At this profound time in your life I am dedicated to providing a professional funeral service that is warm and caring. After consultation with you in your home or my office I will compose a ceremony in your loved ones memory.

Modern Funerals are often a celebration of a persons life and reflect the persons wishes and personality. Funeral, Memorial Service or Scattering of ashes are all possibilities and can range from simple to grand gatherings. No matter the circumstance it is always an honour to help family and friends, share grief and love in a ceremony that is respectful and dignified.

Funerals are guided by a format, I will write a general overview of a life well lived then facilitate the sharing of stories and memories of family and friends who choose to participate in the service. The central Eulogy is often delivered by a family member of someone very close to the person who has passed on. Music and photos are often included and the Funeral Director usually takes care of the technical support needed. For Memorial Services out side of formal Funeral settings story boards and music can still take their place. A final committal or fond farewell usually ends the ceremony.

If it is your own Funeral that you are planning I will be practical and inclusive about the process.

It would be an honour to work with in trust to create a ceremony that really reflects who you are and exactly how you want your Funeral to proceed.

Please feel welcome to contact me if you need any help planning a Funeral or Memorial Service.