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Handfasting Ceremonies Sydney

Handfasting is an ancient bonding ceremony continuously in use from ancient Celtic times till the present day. It was a legal form of marriage in Scotland till 1939. That is where the term ‘Tie the knot” come from.

The ceremony involves the couple being symbolically tied together at the hands while they say their vows. This is where the term ” tie the knot” originates. As an Authorized Marriage Celebrant I can offer legal Handfasted marriages. Handfasting Ceremonies can also be included in same sex unions, as an extra dimension in renewal vows or as a year and a day engagement.

There are a Variety of Handfasting Styles on Offer.

I have a special interest in creating meaningful modern ceremonies drawn from our ancient cultural heritage. After much research I have discovered that Handfasting is not only a Celtic Tradition but widely used across Europe too. In fact the Greeks and Romans used Handfasting and the Greek & Russian Orthodox Churches have included them in Weddings for centuries and still do, I suggested a handfasting to one of my brides of Ukrainian descent, she mentioned it her her mum who remembered that the brides Babushka( Grandma) had embroidered her a Handfasting sash when she was a child which they found and we used it in her wedding ceremony.

There is lots of information on the web about how to conduct a handfastings, I don’t believe any of them are “the right way or wrong way” or the most historic way …the way you choose it the right way for you! Handfasting can be a separate section in the wedding or you can say your vows whilst bound in the handfasting.

I have learnt many handfasting techniques and have a secret handfasting knot that allows the couple, not the celebrant to actually tie the knot! Even Will & Kate had a handfasting in their big cathedral wedding! During our first interview I’ll show you the options and you can choose the best one for you. If your planning on making your own cord that’s great, I will work with you to make sure I get the hang of how to tie it, the best materials to make handfasting cords are ones that slip, like satin or silk cord.

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